Basic clinical procedure


The clinical procedure for MAGFIT magnetic attachments is very simple and easy. Abutment tooth preparation and dental lab processing consists of basic procedures such as root canal treatment, root surface preparation, root cap fabrication, and magnetic assembly pick-up in the overdenture without the need for special tools. MAGFIT is a highly advanced dental treatment which allows an extension of clinical application possibilities using relatively simple procedures.


In this case, a lower canines-supported overdenture will be fabricated.MAGFIT will be used as the retainers on the abutment teeth.

02Abutment tooth preparation

Root canal treatment and root surface preparation are carried out. Insert a notch into root canal to avoid root cap rotation. Root cap preparation should be carried out in the usual manner.

03Selection of magnetic attachment

Place the MAGFIT space gauge on the top of the abutment tooth to check that the diameter is sufficient and then choose the suitable magnet size and strength.

04Waxing up with keeper

The heated keeper should be placed on the wax pattern parallel to the occlusal plane.

05Cementing the root cap

After pickling and polishing the root cap, cement the root cap onto the abutment tooth.

06Preparation for magnet pick-up

After positioning the magnetic assembly on the keeper, install the denture with a hole to confirm that there is sufficient space between the magnetic assembly and the denture base.


Sandblast the magnetic assembly with alumina and then apply metal primer on the surface to increase the adhesion strength for the self-curing resin.

08Magnetic assembly pick-up

Place the magnetic assembly on the keeper in the oral cavity. Apply self-curing resin between magnetic assembly and the denture base through the hole. After curing, remove the denture. Magnetic assembly pick-up should be carried out 1-2 weeks after the denture adjustment is finished.

09Completion of magnet-denture

Installed finished magnet-denture is shown.