Clinical Procedure


Follow standard procedures for implantation.

02Confirmation of oral condition

Through full mouth radiograph, confirm the condition of the jawbone.

03Install the keeper

Screw the keeper/abutment ring into the fixture.
Note: Please use the MAGFIT IP specific driver at the recommended torque setting.

04Denture design

Place the magnetic assembly on the keeper, take the impression, and fabricate the working denture model.
Denture design should be carried out in the usual manner.

05Denture making

Denture fabrication is done according to standard procedure.
Note: Please keep enough space in the denture base for the magnetic assembly.

06Magnetic assembly pick-up

Fabricate a hole into the denture base.
Through the hole, apply adhesive resin carefully between the magnetic assembly and the denture taking care not to move the magnetic assembly out of alignment.

07Magnetic assembly cementing

After lifting the denture base with magnetic assembly out of the oral cavity, cement the magnetic assembly completely. Note: Please block out excess resin with use of impression material.

08Completion of denture making

Completion of the final magnet-denture.

09Fitting of the denture

Installed finished magnet-denture is shown.