Clinical procedure

01Preparatory treatment

After endodontic treatment, check the root canal in terms of the length, filling condition, curvature shape and the teeth arrangement through the radiograph.

02Root surface preparation

Remove all the softened dentin to leave well-conditioned dentin on the surface of the tooth root.

03Completion of root surface preparation

For easy installation of the ROOT KEEPER please set the root surface parallel to the occlusal plane.

04Root canal treatment

Standard root canal treatment is carried out using a Peeso's reamer. The dentin surface should be the same level as the gingival margin. The length of blockade area should be more than 3mm from the root apex.

05Keeper trial

Trial fit the keeper post into the root canal.

06Preparation for keeper insertion

Apply resin to the outside surface of the root post. Fill the root canal with composite resin before inserting the ROOT KEEPER.

07Inserting the ROOT KEEPER

Apply composite resin to the outside surface of the keeper excluding the attractive face for a firm fit to the root canal. Insert the ROOT KEEPER into the root canal.

08Forming the resin copings

Polish and form the resin coping taking care not to damage the keeper.

09Completion of resin coping

Remove excess resin to prevent gingivitis.