MAGFIT Technologies

MAGFIT - New Generation Magnetic Attachment

MAGFIT magnetic attachments employ several innovative core technologies developed by Aichi Steel Corporation for the Toyota Group. We are a leader in magnetic materials technology which not only allows for the continued advancement of magnetic attachments but for the research and development of new applications of magnetics in the dental field.

1Strongest Retention in its class with an ultra-compact size

The attractive force performance properties of MAGFIT have been improved 10 times over conventional agnets. This has been achieved with Aichi Steel's cutting edge technology in magnetic circuit design optimization.

2No Corrosion

Aichi Steel's precision micro-laser welding technology nables a perfect hermetic seal of the stainless steel outer casing which protects the magnet from corrosion in the oral environment.

3New Magnetic Materials Technology

The success of MAGFIT was also built upon the development of AUM20, Aichi Steel's proprietary soft magnetic stainless steel developed for the dental field (Patent No. JP26227026), which has superior magnetic properties and corrosion resistance, and the use of the world's strongest NdFeB magnet.Closed circuit design assures the patients' safety without harmful bio-magnetic effects.

1.4 million sets of MAGFIT sold over the last decade

First introduced in 1992, MAGFIT has been applied to over 700,000 patients who have enjoyed the merits and convenience of a magnetically retained overdenture.MAGFIT is available in 15 countries worldwide.

Magnet-retained implant supported overdentures

With the increasing number of the clinical application of implants, magnet-retained implant supported overdentures are highly anticipated for edentulous patients. MAGFIT IP magnetic attachments are compatible with major implant systems making it possible to apply this practical treatment.

Product Quality Assurance

All MAGFIT products are CE approved and manufactured in Japan with ISO9001/ISO13485 certification. Controlled lot numbers are laser-etched on all MAGFIT magnetic assemblies for traceability. The MAGFIT Service Network has been set up to provide fast and reliable service to all of our MAGFIT customers.